I’ve always done just what I was supposed to do. I still do just what I’m supposed to do. But now, I’m doing it on my own terms.

This is a blog about breaking our minds out of the jailyard of preconception and convention. But I’m not a crazy artistic type who is going to suggest random and possibly incomprehensible exercises for you: I am an engineer. And not one of the boundary-pushing company-starting computer engineers, either. I’m from one of the most conservative of all engineering disciplines (at least these days): aerospace.

So this is a blog about transcending the boundaries that we place on ourselves as we “grow up”, written from the accessible perspective of someone who has been there, and is there, and is getting out. Any topic is fair game, but recurring ones are money, literature, religion, and life.

Plotting for Jailbreak is what we’re doing here; and you can too.